Jul 27, 2017

The big little gift

Krissy B. told me that she and her hubby were sending me a little gift.  I expected little.  Not so.  

I was stunned to open the envelope and see my very first hooked piece.  I've seen small items imported from China in a shop, but this is real.  Honest to goodness real hookin' from a blog buddy with a big heart!  I was blown away. 

But there was more.  The wonderful scent of lavender coming from the sweetest mini stitch ever.  After a week of frustration and stress dealing with family demands again, I just breathed in the lavender and held my gift, it melted away.  The right time, the right day, the perfect gifts.  Kris said I own the only piece of 40 count she will ever stitch. I've never seen this design and have to have it.  It is so tiny and so precious, I just love it. Pineberry Lane's Tokens of Affection.

Her husband included a gift for mine, too.  Since they both fish and make their own jigs, he shared his creations.  My husband's are solid color so he was happy to see these.  Aren't they cool?
Thank you so very much Kris and Mark.  I am just so thrilled with these pieces and grateful that you both have shared your handwork with us.  Wowee!  Thank you thank you thank you.

Jul 26, 2017

Halfway to frame

There are a few pieces I have stitched that I am not attached to.  Several are favorites, some are meh, some are I don't care.  Since my plan (and has been for a few years) is to streamline and change my home to sparse and efficient, I just can't visualize all these pieces on the walls.  But we'll see. 
What I'm debating right now is the display method.  I have older pieces framed and plan to remove the glass. 
This was back in 2012 when I removed the dust covers and opened the frames to clean the glass.  The stitches no longer looked sharp, clear, and cleaning the inside of the glass made a huge difference in them.  It's time again for a cleaning and this time I will leave the glass off.  Not sure what caused this but they certainly were dirty after 20 years. With a sealed backing of paper, maybe the heat and household air does filter through, I don't know.
The other more recent pieces are bottom fringed and just hanging on the wall.  I don't know if I will ever frame them.  For now, I'm thinking of a middle ground.  As the small sampler in this group is shown on a wannabe hornbook, mounting these larger samplers on a board with a shaped top may be an option.  Nicer than nothing, not as formal as a frame, much less expensive.  I do like samplers hemstitched and mounted to a background mat, not stretched over it, and that will be my choice for Lucy Redd, Sally Fiske, Eliza Pumroy and any of the big girls.  I just prefer the more aged primitive pieces to have a little texture (wrinkle) and not be perfectly smooth and neat.  I'll only be out a few bucks for trying this because who knows?  I may still prefer the simplicity of a sampler hanging on a cupboard's side or door, free and naked as a bird. 
  But as you know, I have a PhD in procrastination so this may take a while.
Have a good day!

Jul 25, 2017

Ready for fringe

All done.  I finished the way I usually do, with an unknown error.  For some reason, the zig is zagging a few stitches shy of the chart.  Which means, the flower and house bottom section is off but I can't find it.  Doesn't matter at all and even if I found it there would be no need to correct it.  I will hem stitch the sides and fringe the bottom, using the narrow boning in the top hem for hanging.  But if I am in a pitty poor mood, queen of the crabs and asses, I will machine hem the sides.  I guess I will machine hem the sides.   I refuse to give up my crown.
I absolutely love this Polly Cole and especially the bottom area that Lori designed and added.  I'll note my color changes when I post the finish photo.
Thanks for visiting.


Hi folks. I did not know this could happen, so thought I would mention it.  Friends that lived here in PA moved to South Carolina two years ago.  Their cell phone numbers including PA area code did not change, and will not change with the move to another state of a different area code.  During an emergency, 911 was called for an ambulance, and ..... it went to their old address in PA.   The PA dispatch had no idea they moved and called them back, saying they were at the location but the patient wasn't.  So a neighbor (at the new home) offered their cell phone which brought the needed help to the correct address, after 45 minutes.  I'm sure this is an isolated instance because the cell tower that received the call should have pinged their location, and the dispatcher should have verified the address. Neither happened.  They believe the call went directly to the PA 911 because they said "we have your address and are sending help immediately".  How could this happen?  To be safe, check with your cell phone carrier if your phone has another state's area code.  Always have them verify the correct address if you call 911.  And if they fluff you off saying it could never happen, it did in South Carolina.  

Jul 23, 2017

Give us this day...

our daily bread.  I switched to low carbs and high protein instead of following Weight Watchers and have lost pounds. 
Still eating fruits, veggies, and lots of cottage cheese, eggs, meats, even bacon PLUS my three daily Dove dark chocolates.  I found a bread that I think is fabulous when watching carbs and calories.  It's very soft and tastes great.  I do not like many of the whole wheat varieties that seem to disguise anything between the bread with overpowering bitterness.  Two slices are 18 carbs less the 5 gr fiber for a net 13, plus 6 gr of protein! 

My favorite treat this past week has been whipped cream cheese and a little jelly over a slice.  Yummo.  I also stick slices in a low oven to dry for croutons.
This is whole grain and includes whole wheat, bulgur, rye, oats, barley, corn, millet. The two breads I used to make every week were oatmeal honey (L.O.V.E.) and my own dark whole wheat covered with seeds, not bitter at all.
You know you've reached senior status when you purchase more ready made foods that were previously home made foods.
The brat pack finally came in and all were de-flea'd, only one drew my blood.  But as usual, most of it is on their hair.  Missy is more fuzz than hair and even parting it, her skin is not visible.  They are recuperating.
Possible storms again this afternoon.
Working on Polly's big house, changed a color, hope to finish soon.
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 22, 2017

Scaredy cats

Good grief it's sprinkling.  We need to take cover!


Holy cow was that thunder?   Move over Nit!  Can we both fit in this box?  There is no way we are going in that house no matter how often she calls us.  We can sense those flea med vials a mile away. 
Quote of the day -
You've reached senior status when shaving your lip takes priority over shaving your legs.
Hope your day is great.
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