Nov 22, 2017

Wishing you

a Happy Thanksgiving, and more reasons to be thankful in the coming year.
One of mine is all of you, for your caring, concern, encouragement, prayers, and support. 
The last large sampler I stitched, Polly Cole, was done by Lori Rippey.  If you follow her blog Homespun Prims, you know the ordeal they have been through with her husband's surgery and complication, and how grateful and thankful they are.  A Go Fund Me page was started by their friend for the expenses to adapt their home to his new condition.
Our favorite bean casserole, cranberry salad, and sweet potato casserole, are all made and ready to bake tomorrow.  Apple pie just came out of the oven, gala apples are my favorite.  Personally, I would rather have spaghetti.  Always spaghetti.
Most of the trees are down from the attic but the ornaments and remotes are not yet.  I am so glad all the trees are plugged into remotes so there is no bending and reaching for a switch.  Not sure if I want to put out the brown wire trees we got on clearance last year.  I haven't seen them this year and am weird about using things I love for fear I won't be able to replace them in case of loss.  But it would look very nice on the front porch, or maybe in the yard off the back deck.
One of my favorite movies, Signs, has been on and I can watch it over and over.  Joaquín Phoenix, the children, and Mel are all believable and great.  Even though basically science fiction, the underlying theme pulled me in.  My cousins didn't get it, and I don't understand why not.  As Mel asks Merrill, "are you the kind that sees signs, sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky? Or, look at the question this way. Is it possible that there are no coincidences?"  The end answers it for many of us.  Good movie!!!
Have a wonderful day.

Nov 21, 2017

A putzy start

A few years ago I made a fool of myself in this post office when I tried to reason with them, that Canada should not be an international rate because it's attached to the U.S.  And to get to Alaska you need to cross over Canada and Alaska is not international.  So what gives?  This morning, at that same post office, I was told that the Andrew Wyeth stamps are not offered in books of 20 as the others, there are only 12.  "So they cost that much more?  I will only get 12 for the price of 20?" this idiot asked.  "Ah, no ma'am, stamps are 49 cents.  You will pay 49 cents for each stamp, pay for 12 or pay for 20." 
Looking to purchase work boots for my nephew's son, I asked Mark to slip on Matt's size 11 to see if they have a comfortable insole.   ????  "Why don't I try on MY size instead of his?  Wouldn't that be a better way to see how they feel instead of a size I don't wear?"  That one was really hard to argue and my reasoning to save face fell flat.
Later this same morning, I was searching for the big square eyeglasses that I see celebs wearing but have yet to find locally.  I heard the same comment as every office - ma'am ... those are men's frames.  Well you don't have any for women that are the size I want, I am not as petite as Blanche Devereaux.  I came out of the optical store to get into my new white gold car and proceeded to try to enter a same color GMC something or other.  I did that several times with the prior car, but at least this incident did not set off the car alarm.
Tuesday November 21, going well.

Nov 20, 2017


I don't think I want to stitch any others from this leaflet.  On 35 count it's a nice size for a small tree.  The hanger is hemp cord that I twisted using the same method as for floss.  Wasn't sure it would work but it did and I like this heavier look more than a single strand.  Attaching to front or back hasn't been decided but I will probably use a dab of Tacky as I did to close the ornament. 

Prairie Schooler book 36, St. Nicholas II with a few changes.

Nov 19, 2017

Giver's remorse

Back in 2013, I gave away these Santas that I had no plan to ever stitch.  Well guess who just bought some of them on Ebay?  Yep.  I have no idea how this brain works but I do know these designs have been on my mind for a few weeks.  Did I see them somewhere?  Nope.  Why did I start thinking about them?  Your guess is as good as mine and probably better.  They are pictured on what seems to be white Aida and look pixelated like bad digital reception on an old TeeVee.  But I am imagining them cleaned up and stitched on aged high count linen.  Maybe I'm wrong and I will never stitch them, but when something gnaws at me, I can't let it go.  Three leaflets for six fellows will arrive next week, they are not plentiful, and I did not see many of their other Santas offered.  No sense searching for more until I test my patience and vision on this purchase.

Thank you Carol for mentioning Log House in New Castle.  I will call to see if they are still open!  Their bio says they have been in business for 32 years and my SIL knew every place within 50 miles of here, so I am surprised I have never heard of it!  I wanted to get your opinion on the shop but you're no-reply.

Thanksgiving week.  Geez.  Seems like Fall has been a blur and I still have a lingering cold.  It spit snow this afternoon and while using an electric blower on the leaves, I had so many cord hangups, twists and trips, that my vocabulary turned very unpleasant.  Well, vile actually. 

Hope your week goes well!
Thanks for visiting.


Time to get it done

After MANY changes, I can proceed on this little Santa.  Maybe it's because my other PS Santas were on the lower count linen with two threads, but this single thread on 35 count was not to my liking.  The 501 tiny pattern in his coat did not show well at all on the 221 background.  So I brightened the red, removed it.  Changed the 501 to a different green, removed it.  Decided gold would show better.  The outline wasn't much different than the gold, removed it and used the gold.  Decided to keep the 501 beneath the coat, but the 221 for the cardinal was blah, changed it to 321.  I don't like the darker pinks for flesh, used the perfect 3864 but the ivory beard didn't contrast enough!  That became 3773.   And after all that, I think I may remove the pattern in the coat and make it solid red.  Will it ever end???
The problem could be the change in linen and thread count.  I love it for samplers, but there doesn't seem to be enough fill for me when using darker colors.  Just me I guess.  New order at 123 is all 35 count and one 40 piece.   Even though I am still struggling with this lingering slump, I order more fabric.  If I would have kept a journal on the Santa pieces, I would know what count I used previously so counting their stitches will have to do.  The little white field at the very top left of the blog allows for a search of all posts so I can easily go back for reference, but what would I enter?  Maybe the PS book # or title would bring it up. 
Hope your weekend is going well!  Ours was continual rain and cold temps.  At least it wasn't snow!
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 17, 2017


Hiya folks.  I fought the crowds for more gifts today (at JCP and Kohls - all we have left) and stopped at Kraynak's which I've mentioned before.  Our local garden center and gift shop turns into Christmas land every fall.  I don't know if you have such a devoted holiday shop in your area, but the amount of decorations and ornaments and trees they offer is really something.  But, they do not have the feather style!  Just thought I would show you a glimpse (from a $5 phone) of trees (some almost $2000) and row after row of wreaths, snowmen, santas, ribbons, stockings, and almost anything you'd want.  Except feather trees or primitive ornaments.  Of course.  Their Christmas Tree Lane takes a path down a hallway of decorated trees and animated displays.  The lines on the weekend extend outside the building.
Here 'ya go, this is Kraynak's in Hermitage PA.  The first greenhouse of lights and collectibles, gadgets and candles,  novelty light strings and ceramics, is not shown.  Neither is the second greenhouse filled with succulents, poinsettias, and something flowering of which I have no knowledge.  The front and main store is gifts and tons of toys, especially trains and sets of all kinds.  You can see some of those areas on their website here.


These are really beautiful in person, many angels too, specific for family members or special people.

Beautiful bulbs from cute to exquisite, loads of baby's first Christmas, but nothing for me!
I'm going back tomorrow to get a few of the outdoor lighted wire trees for Carole. 
Sorry if I bored you, but for my area, a visit to Kraynak's is a holiday tradition for most.  Almost impossible to see everything in one visit. 
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