Feb 22, 2017

Sour puss

I guess my only option is to make the grape salad with cream cheese, brown sugar and pecans.  Hmmm.  Not a bad option.

Why are there empty areas? 
Because the fricking floss color I need took a hike with the peanut butter.
Is it possible?  Can eating too many sour grapes make you sour?  Is a sourpuss worse than a crabass or comparable?  Maybe the brown sugar will help.

Feb 20, 2017

Why are my red grapes sour

and where is my peanut butter?  Some days, everything becomes an issue.  I put by favorite Jif Natural into my vanilla yogurt every day.  So what happened to it?  Damn these things irritate me to no end.  I just can't seem to put things where they belong nor do I remember where I set them.  And.. two bags of red grapes, both sour. 
I went to Sally Beauty to see if they had a gray hair brightening shampoo for Carole and the sweet gal working (new employee I learned) asked me nicely if I wanted to become a member of their club to obtain a discount on all my purchases for hair care.  I said "look at me.  Do I look like I buy products for and take care of my hair?  I come in once a year for a stronger magnifier so I can pluck those wires on my lip."  She lost it.  Thought she was going to need a panty liner. 
The cheap person's selfie ...  a Canon digital camera and a mirror.
But still sharp enough to see my roots.  Wearing a hair band is my version of the male comb over.  The extra wide band hides the top roots and the rest of the hair comes forward to hide the side roots.  A brown Sharpie touchup above the bangs and I'm good to go.  I wonder if a swipe of my ink pad would work. 
Back to working on 1739 and loving the 35 count's look.  I'm sorry to say the ponies never made it to their feed sack.  I may tell you about it one day, but not until I find the peanut butter.
Join me in a Day of the Snark won't you?

Feb 19, 2017

A heart of gourd

Hope your weekend was good. 
Time is coming close to two years that Patti died.  She loved gourds.  I mean LOVED gourds.  But her husband and daughter hated the dirty looking shells of various shapes.  She used a transfer paper to print this on a sack, glue was still visible.  I decided to sew it into a heart and give it to her daughter, if she would like it.  This "gourd" will be more acceptable than the real thing and be a sweet reminder of their gourd war.  (Those are cheddar/sour cream chips.)
A few emails were received asking about the thick wool I used on the pouch.  This is the type, found at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.  Once the front is lined with the muslin, attaching to the wool back is very easy.  Some are very thick and sturdy, others are thick but stretchy.  Next time, I will machine sew around the four sides to stabilize before sewing to the front.
  I have too much, probably not as much as most crafters, but still too much for me.  The first time I pitched and donated was a little painful, but this time it's worse.  Needs to be done.  Fabric everywhere that I haven't touched in years.  Why am I keeping it?  I know the day will come when I am searching for a little piece of something I threw out, but clinging to that possibility is not worth the excess baggage my rooms are carrying.  I'm sure I will improvise or find a substitute without having a meltdown about letting it go.  Well, fairly sure.
Yardage of wool blends that were going to be blazers and pants have got to go.  I have no intention of making my clothes again and certainly not a lined blazer.  Just the thought has my stomach convulsing.  Of course there could be another use. But no longer will I hold on to items that may one day be part of a project that would cause me to rip my hair out and more likely than not, never come to be.  It's like keeping all those blazers that are too small because ONE DAY, I will be thinner.  I already have storage boxes filled with too small pants and jeans that have been waiting for that taped lid to open and free them.  Light!  Sounds!  Movement!  Only on a rack at the Salvation Army pants people.  I've been waiting longer than they have for that day that is not coming.  It wasn't easy to find items in tall sizes that fit well which is another reason I have trouble letting go.  But I am.  
One of the fabrics that I have no use for is a men's suiting silk that my aunt gave me decades ago.  Her husband had planned on a custom suit and I don't even have a tailor shop within a gas tank from here to ask about it.   My home ec teacher cousin said years ago that it is very expensive but what do I know? 
It has yellow markings in the selvage with lots of various sized slubs.  This I will hold on to for a while until I find someone that may have an answer for me.  The teacher is my cousin in MN suffering from advanced FT dementia.  Found out last week that my local cousin is now on meds and she is only 68.  Scary.
Tomorrow I am going to check for heart boxes, hoping to find at least two.  The last time we went there was a very bad accident on that route and I vowed I would stay off highways.  I just can't get that doc's words about becoming a paraplegic out of my mind when traveling.
February is passing quickly.  This better slow down once summer nears.
Thanks for visiting.


Feb 18, 2017

Rosanna bag

Finished.  What should I have done different?  Used the dark green wool for the back instead of brown.  Why didn't I?  Good question.  No answer.
Made cording from the same 934 green in the border and blanket stitch.
Lined the front with muslin, stitched the top back of the wool with Alpaca.
Adorable, no?


These do not include the most recent 3800's, maybe a few.  I should have checked the higher numbers to give you an idea but it's already packed.   Each offer contains two bags as shown above.
Box #1

total of 246 various colors
many double and more brings total skeins to over 270
most are full skeins, some are used
scrappy scribbled note paper listing color numbers for reference

Shipping in Priority Mail Tyvek envelope for $12.00
No charge for the floss.
Email me if you are interested, let me know if Paypal or check

Box #2

total of 258 various colors
many double and more brings total skeins to over 270
most are full skeins, some are used
scrappy scribbled note paper listing color numbers for reference

Shipping in Priority Mail Tyvek envelope for $12.00
No charge for the floss.
Email me if you are interested, let me know if Paypal or check

Note - I would have to double check, but I think international shipping would be around $25.00 - but I can't guarantee that until the post office verifies my calculation.

Feb 17, 2017

An all day job

Floss.  I have a nice floss box, stuffed.  I have a bag of each color in a cupboard.  No longer do I want to keep these boxes of extras.  I will never use it all and am tired of storing it.  So I am emptying each envelope, some are full skeins, some are used, many are multiples, some colors are missing.  But I am sorting into two piles, putting in a bag, and will check shipping costs for them.  I hope this task doesn't take an entire day because my patience (unlike my behind) is very thin.
The Mr. Big Santa?  His fill is weighty to stand upright, over 7#.  The extra large box (higher cost) was over a pound not including the boxing fill.  Shipping to mid west was $45 and if the box was any larger it would jump to $63 from my zip code, so he is staying in PA.  The floss would fit in a regular sized box and I will check on those costs before determining their fate.

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